Five times the Fine Dining Experience in London!

One of the great things about traveling is the chance to experience different cultures around the world first hand, and there are few better ways to do that then to take a bite of someone’s food. Like music, food is a universal language. We all eat, we enjoy food in vastly different ways, and one person’s supreme meal is another person’s garbage.  I have been doing a lot of research lately when it comes to the highlights of the world, and quite a bit of that time has been devoted to various eateries. Today we’ll be going to London Englandwhere the food is delicious five times over!

The Five Fields is an exquisite restaurant that is one of the best regarded places to eat in all of London, which is no easy feat to manage. The two principle food makers, Chef Patron Taylor Bonnyman and Head Chef Marguerite Keogh, offer up, in their own words, “elegant and playful modern British cooking with an emphasis on native British artisanal produce.” The pair of them have worked in some of the best kitchens in London, New York, and Paris to bring together influences that dazzle the senses and put on full display the wide breadth of amazing ingredients they use. Their aim is to strike a balance between indulgence and fresh simplicity, and according to just about everyone who stops in they do an amazing job of it. The dining room is magnificently done as well, creating an intimate space that takes inspiration from the flora of the surrounding area with the pale green and ivory colors dominating the room. The restaurant is renowned for its atmosphere and great service, with a very friendly wait staff who are exceptionally attentive to guest’s needs. If you’re interested in dining here make sure you book a table quickly, as you won’t be able to just walk in and get one off the street, the demand is quite high!



Of course, atmosphere and friendliness of staff wouldn’t mean a whole lot if the food wasn’t delicious. I’m going to be anti-climactic: the food is amazingly well regarded and all anyone who eats here appears capable of talking about even days after they have finished dining here. Meals are served in three courses with a starter, a main, and a dessert. One of the more popular starters is the Rock Pool, which combines smoked eel, Caviar, and Tuna for an amazing and unique seafood blend that makes the mouth water. There is also the very popular Orkney Scallop, which comes from the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Great Britain, which is served with tomatoes, Peaches, and Avocado for a spectacular flavor explosion that is greater than the delicious sum of its parts. As for mains many people rave about their John Dory, which is a brilliant combination of chickpea, chorizo, and a surprisingly delectable octopus! Don’t be shy about giving it a try, it gets rave reviews! The desserts are delectable as well, with the Ginger option that comes with plums and vanilla ice cream being a huge hit. If you aren’t looking for anything too sweet they also offer a selection of amazing British and Irish cheeses, which again are extremely beloved! There aren’t many items on the movie that aren’t pleasing to taste though, so if you stop in let your heart and stomach guide your path. They also have a very fine cocktail menu, which I am sure is relevant to a lot of people!


London has a lot to offer any foodie, and this is an amazing restaurant that is guaranteed to not disappoint! Fresh ingredients, superb skill, and a welcoming atmosphere make for an amazing dining experience that people owe to themselves to check out first hand. We’re proud to take our travelers to London as part of our 7 Day Taste of Europe pre-stay which leads into our FABULOUS Drag Stars at Sea: Europe Allstars! For all of the information on this upcoming trip, please go here.






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