What’s Happening Magazine’s Frank Garcia & Peter Aguas Join ALandCHUCK.travel

ALandChuck.travel and What’s Happening Magazine are announcing today their excitement in a new chapter for both of their companies. Al Ferguson, President/Owner of ALandCHUCK.travel, have welcomed aboard the marketing and design talents of Peter Aguas and Frank Garcia as part of their in-house staff of more than 70 employees. Ferguson says,“We have been talking behind the scenes for some time now with Peter and Frank and found that our company’s  two business philosophies have many synergies that could benefit from working closer together. It’s a natural fit.” Both Aguas and Garcia come from corporate backgrounds with over 20 years of individual experience in creative, marketing and sales and are now looking forward to apply their skills to this new venture.

Garcia will come on to the team as the Director of Marketing for the ALandCHUCK.travel brand. He will oversee and help strategize the continued success of the company from a advertising and marketing standpoint. Aguas will come onto the team as National Brand Manager and  apply his considerable sales and marketing acumen specifically to the gay brand that has received the most visability in the USA in the last twelve months.  This is, in part because of title sponsorships with LOGO TV and the immensely popular RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag U.  Both will work hand in hand along with the amazing team already established at ALandCHUCK.travel to help bring America’s #1 Gay Vacation Specialist further in achieving new goals to be set for the coming business quarter and for years to come.

Of course, the question remains – What of What’s Happening Magazine? Worry not advertisers, readers and friends the magazine has no plans to discontinue. In fact, with the beginning of the 6th volume starting in October of 2011 you can expect many new changes to style and format that will evolve the WHM brand. Aguas explains,”As our magazine has continued to grow and expand in distribution around the entire state and quite honestly the world, we find that although we have been personally based in Orlando, FL for the last 6 years we have been producing the magazine from places as remote as Bora Bora and Rome. What’s Happening Magazine enjoys a great staff of individuals that help compose it on a freelance basis and without them the magazine would not have been possible to produce from the word “go”. So moving the operation closer to ALandCHUCK.travel’s home-base in Sarasota, FL is not going to be a huge stretch for us. We think of the whole state of Florida as our home.”

The one major difference that you will find in the new evolution of the WHM brand is a return to it’s roots. Garcia explains,“In the beginning, we imagined WHM to be a monthly magazine that would be worth keeping with amazing content and therefore give our advertisers more ‘bang for their buck’ as their ads would be seen over and over again in peoples homes versus being considered a disposable ‘rag’ that rarely makes it out of the nightclubs they are distributed from.” WHM is going to return to their original plan of taking the magazine back to being a monthly publication. Aguas explains,“We were on the right track 6 years ago. With the advantages of social media, people want more than just information out of their GLBT publications – they want quality and entertainment. And, that is exactly what we want to continue to give them.”

This new and challenging venture and transition is already in the motion. Aguas and Garcia’s starting date with the ALandCHUCK.travel team is set to commence in the middle of September. “We are just itching to dive into this already incredible company and learn it’s specific needs. We are eager at the opportunity to learn this business from the ground up.”

As many of you may already know Al Ferguson & Chuck Scott’s GLBT brand ALandCHUCK.travel, are America’s cruise/tour specialists. They provide everyone with special discounts for any of the world’s major cruise lines and tour operators. Additionally, at ALandCHUCK.travel they operate their own special tours and cruise-tours and even own their own motorcoaches. In a single year, they’ve offered more than 350 group specials! They are one of America’s largest travel companies with 11 offices to serve you and sales in excess of $30 million, and they are still growing! Out of more than 30,000 travel agencies in the United States, they are in the top 1% of producers for the major cruise lines, including Holland America, Carnival, Cunard, Seabourne, Costa, Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. Not to mention being one of the primary leaders in our GLBT community including Statewide sponsor of Equality Florida, presenting sponsor of Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, partner in St Pete Pride’s FIRE & ICE and many other projects.

For Information or additional details for ALandCHUCK.travel contact Gayle Fortin at 866-949-1429 ext 134 or What’s Happening Magazine contact Peter Aguas at 407-690-0809

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