We Won’t Put on Airs: Buenos Aires is Awesome!

We are very proud to offer trips all around the world, and we are invested in letting others see why we are so passionate about the places we go. The world is a very big place, and within it are numerous sights to see that are unique as they are beautiful, historically significant, or both. Today we will be going to Buenos Aires, Argentinawhere the buildings come alive with magnificence! 

Palacio Barolo was built in 1923 and upon its completion it was the tallest building in not only the city but also in all of South America, and remained that way until 1935 when the Kavanagh Building surpassed it. It was designed by Mario Palanti and it uses several architectural styles including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Eclecticisc, and perhaps most notably Gothic in its design. The building’s design was heavily influenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy, with various floors representing hell, purgatory, and heaven in turn. It has a lighthouse on top which can be seen all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay! In 1997 it was declared a national historic monument of Argentina and its popularity as a building of interest has only grown since.

La Recoleta Cemetery is a rather noteworthy cemetery that houses the remains of several noteworthy people including Eva Perón, Nobel Prize winners, presidents of Argentina, and even the granddaughter of Napoleon! It has been consistently hailed as being one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the entire world, with praise having been given out by heavyweights such as the BBC and CNN. It was established in 1822 and now spans over 14 acres, with the last count of the graves standing at a whopping 4691 vaults which are all situated above ground. It has a quiet, haunting beauty to it that makes it a remarkable place to visit.

Catadral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires (English: the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral) is the main Catholic church of the city. It was originally constructed in the 16th century but has undergone many revisions since its humble beginnings. The building as it is currently constructed is a blend of several architectural styles, with a Neoclassical facade dating to the 19th-century without towers. The interior, on the other hand, features 18th-century statues and a large amount of Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Baroque decoration. One of the more notable features of the cathedral is the Mausoleum which houses General Jose de San Martin, which came over from France in 1880. The black sarcophagus which houses the body is guarded by three life-size female figures that are meant to represent Peru, Chile, and Argentina, three of the locations that were freed by the General.


Buenos Aires’s beauty is beguiling. A modern city in many ways with all of the bright lights and spectacle one would expect from such a rich city, its past has not been forgotten as these buildings set so wonderfully in a bygone style still find a place to thrive intermixed with the newest trends of this great city. We are very proud to be able to take you here as part of our Best of South America cruise next year! For all of the details on this great trip, please click here!


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